This is an event that usually occurs at your common or garden local pub. People will go to said pub, usually the regulars, have a couple of drinks and have fun taking part. The quiz will usually go in rounds of related questions which the particpants will do their best to answer correctly or not (see lose with a little panache).
Rounds can vary: the normal question and answer, to name faces in pictures, guessing the song/tv tune/childrens tv tune (if it happens to be a student pub). Other round can be more complex, where all the answers are numbers and have to add up to a specific value or the first letter to each answer form an anagram.

The winner of the quiz usually gets a prize depending on the organiser. This can be anything from a gold plated cup to money to free booze. There are sometimes extra prizes for being a runner up, last (the infamous booby prize or even best team name. I find the "norfolk-in-chance" is always a favourite if you go to a quiz you haven't been to before.

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