This is a tactic I tend to employ when winning has been judged as impossible or incredibly unlikely (roughly translated into - I can't be bothered putting in the extra effort needed to win).
To lose with panache, you must remember that you are not just losing, you are losing in a way that shows that you:

  • Are capable of winning should you choose to
  • Aren't really bothered about winning
  • Aren't really bothered about losing
  • Prefer to get the booby prize rather than the real prize
  • May have a problem, you like peoples attention, good or bad

You must remember, you can't just give up. That would be cheating and you probably wouldn't get the booby prize. It takes effort. For example, if you are taking part in a pub quiz, then you must do your best to give answers to all of the questions. These answers need not be correct, in fact, they should be as far from the real answer as you can make it though this may mean that you have to know the answer to the question in the first place.
Tom Cruise in "Born on the 4th of July" does not look like Demi Moore!
The last battle in "The War of the Roses" was not "Custer's Last Stand".

If you are in a Hiking competition (for example) then checking in by phone, 80 miles away from the finish is a good way to lose.

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