Plan B.
A fallback plan in case the original goes wrong. Usually instituted after:-

Plan B is usually actioned when not expected to be needed and as a result, often made up 'on the fly'. In the age old tradition of things, it would not be a proper Plan B if it had been planned in advance.

See also:
Lose with a little panache

The name of a "morning after pill" (levonorgestrel), which is available on prescription. --Oolong

Having a back-up plan shows sound strategic thinking and is only to be applauded.

But with me and my group of friends Plan-B has always been to go to the pub and get pissed....

Stage one of your plan for world domination gone down the pan, and the fluffy white cat jumped out of the window? Plan B works everytime.
Aim to settle down and have kids before you're thirty; not happened? Plan B will see you on the road...
Plan to get up at 8:00 am for a whole year to go to your computer science course; too costly to implement? Again Plan B never fails
Plan to get a serious alcohol dependency problem? Ah well, perhaps Plan B should be refined to 'stay in the pub for ever'

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