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Well currently it appears to reach the level heights by noding the facts, and nothing but the facts....
Things and stuff, doing stuff to things, things doing things to other things..
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Anyway, I live in Suffolk, England in the town Bury St. Edmunds and generally try to have as much fun as I fancy getting away with.

I by and large do factual write-ups, mostly science based; in fact this is a self imposed policy. I really like reading good, solid factual content on the web, and I'll vote for it and C! it. Not that I'll exclusively vote for facts; I can be fickle and if it makes me laugh, cry or think; you'll get my vote baby.

If you want my advice, or *anything* feel free to /msg me!

Crikey, I've not written anything for such a *long* time, I'm finding it so *hard* to motivate myself; sooner or later I'll unleash my full potential on an unsuspecting world, the you'll see, THEN YOU'LL ALL SEE!!!!
But until that happy day, here's some numbers....

 |                         *                                                                                                                         
 |*                    *                                                                                                                           
 |        *                                                                                                                                        
 |*   *                  *                                                                                                                     
 |* *     *                                                               *                                  *                               
 |**    *              *                                                                                                                           
 |***   **                     *             *   *                                                                                                  
 |****  *              *                                         *          *                                                                       
 |*******  *                                    *                                                                                           
 |*** *** *    *   *      ** *          **                                                                                                      
 |***   *** **                                        *                                                                                             
 |***    *  **            *       *            **              *  *                                                                                   
 | PAST                                                                                                                                        PRESENT

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And now for something I wrote once, don't really want to delete, and can't be bother to paste anywhere else....

< ...And now for something completely different! I give you Butterfinger Mcflurry!

Rarely has a write up generated as much discussion, or dissentention than Donfreenut's Butterfinger McFlurry. It has even motivated people to spend money to either have it nuked, or to have it kept. Equally worthy writers can be found in both camps. So which side of the fence do I sit on? Well, my posistion is somewhat confused, firstly I voted it down, mainly out of pique; I knew there was no way I would be allowed to get away with such a piece of writing. If I wouldn't get away with it, why should anybody else?

Now, as the months have passed my attitude has softened somewhat, I now believe that the piece has genuine worth, as a piece of art. The piece has probably evoked an emotional response from everybody that has read it, judging by the votes a negative response so far, but a response none the less. Perhaps this is the nearest piece on Everything2 you'll get to a pickled sheep in formalydehyde. What the don's original intentions were, I don't know; but it's almost as though he set out to write something that had all the hallmarks of the truly terrible write up, the kind of thing the very worst newbie might write. Although something stopped him going completely too far, the write up does have facts in it...But at the same time it's just so stupid and crap don must have done it deliberately, and therein lies art...

The write up in a way holds up a mirror to your own sensibilities, your emotions; what it shows you in a way is not it's content, but what you think of it's content. (I must be in a real funny mood today!) It could also be seen as a weathervane, or a barometer of how the average noder feels about this site. It is it's worth as a piece of art that caused me on the 19th of April, 2002 to express my right as a level 4 noder to C! it... Does it deserve so many C!'s, is it the coolest node? NO! But there again I vote and C! for what I think, not others!

Given another vote, I would still vote it down, because I don't like it, but I think it should stay here; and least for the time being, when it's forgotten about it's worth diminishes. Of course there might be interest in debating the context it was created in! Emulations of it would be plagarising the most important ideas behind it; rival artists wouldn't get away pickling animals, once the concept has been displayed, that's it. Butterfinger McFlurry has as much worth as any other piece of conceptual art, it should stay because it makes people think, talk, create and perhaps motivates them to be better than they were.
If you want facts,unadulterated, cleanly presented, you can find that here; that's what I spend a lot of time and effort doing. If that's all you want, I'm sorry, you're in the wrong place, choose a library, buy a book. Everything should be more than that.

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