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Bert Jansch is a hugely influential guitarist, often cited by more famous musicians as providing them with inspiration.

He fell in love with the acoustic guitar as a teenager in his hometown of Edinburgh, and rapidly became a virtuoso finger-picker. He spent a lot of time hitchhiking around in the early 1960's, living and looking, as he confessed 'like a beatnik'. He played at a lot of the famous London clubs of the time, such as the Marquee and the 100 Club, and gained quite a reputation amongst the folk scene as a talented guitarist and songwriter.

In 1965 he recorded his first album, the eponymous 'Bert Jansch' with a borrowed guitar in his producer's kitchen for 100 pounds!. He sold the album outright as soon as it was made, and never made any money from it until he bought back the rights. This record is still selling today, and stands as a truly seminal album.

He secured a record deal with Transatlantic, and was able to record his second album, 'It Don't Bother Me' in a studio. This featured performances from another great guitarist, John Renbourn, and saw the start of a partnership in the band, Pentangle that would last many years. Although he made six albums with Pentangle, he continued to release solo albums, a process he continues to this day. He's still very active, and tours regulary; if you get the chance to see him, (as I did in March 2001) you'll see a true master, whose talent has only deepened over the years. You still see young guitarists in the audience, no doubt to learn from a virtual living legend.

Quotes about Bert

"As much of a great guitar player as Jimi Hendrix was, Bert Jansch is the same thing for acoustic guitar ... and my favourite." - Neil Young

"He revolutionised the guitar. I don't think anybody has ever been revered as much as he is." - Dick Gaughan

"At one point I was absolutely obsessed with Bert Jansch. When I first heard that LP (1965) I couldn't believe it. It was so far ahead of what everyone else was doing. No one in America could touch that."- Jimmy Page

Indeed Bert's arrangement of the traditional song 'Blackwater Side' from his 'Jack Orion' album was played by Jimmy on Led Zeppelin's first album.


Bert Jansch - (Eponymous) 1965
It Don't Bother Me 1966
Bert And John 1966
Jack Orion 1966
Nicola 1967
Birthday Blues 1968
Sampler 1969
Stepping Stones 1969
Lucky Thirteen 1969
Rosemary Lane 1971
Moonshine 1972
Box Of Love 1972
L. A. Turnaround 1974
Santa Barbara Honeymoon 1975
Poor Mouth 1976
A Rare Conundrum 1977
The Guitar of Bert Jansch 1977
Blackwater Side Anthology 1978
Best Of Bert Jansch 1980
Avocet 1980
Thirteen Down 1980
Heartbreak 1982
Just Guitars 1984
From The Outside 1985
Leather Launderette 1986
Strolling Down The Highway 1986
Ornament Tree 1990
Sketches 1990
After The Dance 1992
Three Chord Trick 1993
Bert Jansch - Eponymous + Jack Orion 1993
Nicola + Birthday Blues 1993
Acoustic Routes 1993
BBC Radio 1 In Concert -Live 1993
When The Circus Comes To Town 1995
Bert Jancsh - Collection 1995
Live at La Foret 1996
Live At The 12 Bar 1996
After The Long Night/Playing The Game 1996
Bert Jansch/It Don't Bother Me 1996
Nicola + Jack Orion 1997
The Gardener
Young Man Blues 1998
Toy Balloon 1998
Crimson Moon 2000
Dazzling Stranger 2000
Downunder 2001

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