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Toilet reading is a perfect example of multitasking. "Multitasking, my arse" some say, but they are missing the point...

Some may warn you can give yourself hemorrhoids; long term maybe, short term you can give yourself a dead leg, leading to unfortunate head injuries, when arising to answer the telephone

Reading material. Various, depending on your particular choice, some favour comics, some the 'Reader's Digest'. "How apt" I always think, "this shite is the end product of my digestion"

I personally recommend such works pertaining to 'Quantum Chromodynamics' as vistors are often wowed by title's they don't understand. Hide 'Noddy's Guide To Theoretical Physics' behind the cistern for your own conversational material, and soon you'll be regarded as smart but boring by all, (and the sundry) who frequent your crapper.

Also see people who spend all day in the toilet

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