Latin name: Odocoileus virginianus

A large ruminant herbivore that lives anywhere in North America not covered by desert or tundra. They prefer wooded areas, but will also forage in fields, to the consternation of farmers. White tailed deer are distinguishable from other deer by.....drum roll.....their white tail, which sticks up like a tuft. Bambi was one of these. White tailed deer stand a little more than a meter tall at the shoulder. Males weigh up to 200 kg, females up to 125 kg. There are currently about 30 million of these creatures estimated to reside in the United States. The deer are far from endangered, and are hunted in just about every state they live in.

Although some animal rights types oppose hunting, the strange truth is that in states like Wisconsin, where the wolf population has become endangered, hunters have become a vital part of the local ecosystem. If about 25% of the population is not taken by hunters every year, these creatures will start destroying crops, stepping in front of cars, and killing themselves off through overgrazing.

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