There are stars out tonight, I think. There’s something, though I can’t say what. The lights in the city block almost everything out, but if I strain my eyes into the darkness, I can perhaps find a speck or two of light.

I remember learning that most stars are long dead by the time their light reaches earth. I imagine the great journey of the light and how disheartening it must be for one to travel millions of light-years and then be unseen.

Who’s looking at the earth? I wonder. I ask my mother about it and she says she doesn’t think anyone. No one would be able to see it, anyway, she says.

If everyone on earth turned on every light and lit every candle all at once, would we be able to synthesize a star? Can we make ourselves visable to the universe? Or are we just floating along, unnoticed?

I'd like to believe we are living for something, but I can never be sure when I look up at the sky and see the whole universe looking back at me.

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