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When used as part of a courtroom sentence, "time served" means that the time a person has already spent in jail during the trial will be credited to their prison sentence. It is used to account for unusually long trials and/or unusually short prison sentences. In general, it simply means that the person has served a certain length of time as part of their sentence.

To the Parole board:

I think a year is enough. My behavior, although not exemplary, has been compliant with your demands. Limited written contact, no face to face and no contact with extraneous others.

I have kept my distance. Difficult at first, I will admit, but gradually it became easier.

I think it is reasonable to expect the board to consider the circumstances. I think it is better for all parties to move on. I'm not holding a grudge. Ok, I'm not holding a large grudge. I'm willing to forgive the officers if the officers are willing to forgive me.

Let me go. I am ready to be let go of.

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