Why is it that boy bands feel that no album is complete without a cover showing them sitting around in faux pissed off mode?

I don't listen to bands such as these, but you've see the marketing materials hanging in the record stores. They look like a yearbook photo of a middle school production of West Side Story.

It's just a bit silly, really.

"ooh, look — they must've been really angry about something on the day this was taken! Goodness, I wouldn't have wanted to be in the photographers shoes that day!"
I can't help but think that if Simon and Garfunkel's 1968 album Bookends came out today, the cover would look a bit different. Picture Garfunkel's fingers clenched in a fist, Simon's head tilted angrily, his mouth a scowl as if he's spitting out the noise "ffff!"

Inspired by the node:
Why do female musicians market themselves with sex?

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