Today I proved (the hard way) why attempting to race an elevator down twelve stories isn't a good idea. Permit me to humiliate myself on e2.

I go to RMIT University. Currently, the elevators are undergoing an upgrade which means that we now have five elevators for people going up and people going down. There are about 400 people in my course alone, so you can imagine what the situation is like with five elevators, considered to be able to hold forty-two midget sized people.

Consequently, people take the stairs. I usually do, simply to avoid the panic-stricken herd attack of attempting to get into the lift. In addition, there appears to be somewhat of a challenge developing. Simply put, try to get down to your floor (or for the really fit or insane, go up) before the elevator does. This is actually possible (I've done it twice) since the elevator tends to stop on every floor.

Getting cocky, I decided to attempt this trick and score a hat trick and as I ran down the stairs three-to-four at a time, I stumbled, tripped and according to Isacc Newton's Second Law (Newton's Second Law of Motion) I fell and sprained my ankle. I consider myself lucky since I think I could have seriously broken an ankle.

Friends being friends, I was mocked and laughed at for the remainder of the day and am now sitting with a cold pack taped to my ankle, and a blue foot.

I intend next time to try and slide my way down

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