Song by Norwegian troubadour Lillebjørn Nilsen, made as a traditional, Norwegian stev. Appearantly, the lyrics are based on a Canadian song called "The Photographers" (which I have not been able to find any references to, btw)

At a consert in Trondheim, Lillebjørn Nilsen said he wished the old artform of stev was more popular with young people, and I think you'll find this piece interesting. I can only apologise for the lack of actual music...

The lyrics are translated by me. I have focused on using the same phrasing, rather than making the lines rhyme.

There was an early morning when I went into the woods
I found a noble woman there with rosy-red cheeks
I asked, "What does a girl like you do in this dark forest?"
"I take snapshots with my camera," she said when I came near

"This is a special day, my dear girl," I said
"Because I am also a photographer, with the same goals as you
Then she got to take my Nikon F in her white hand
She said "What a good camera you have, my good man"

She liked my camera so well, that without hesitation
she opened her velvet-draped camera box
"I have never seen such good equipment, my dear lady," I said
"Let me pull out my tripod, and we'll walk the same way."

We shot towards sunsets, we shot towards barn doors
We found lots of strange angles that wasn't found before
She had an open shutter and long exposure time
I had a colour filter on my zoom lens

I have never seen such hand with film and camera, my friend
Once the roll of film was out, she was ready again
And when we finally saw that I was out of film
She captured us both with her delayed exposure button

She said, "I've had a Kodak, I have had a Hasselblad,
Pentax and Minolta I thought were quite good,
Shimpou1 and Olympus also worked, somehow
but to shoot with your Nikon F was great, my good man.

Note 1: Not sure about this one. Does anyone have a clue?

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