A utility that runs on Windows NT, 2000, and ME machines that handles automating system tasks (a bit like Winat). It's written by a company called Splinterware, downloadable at your nearest tucows mirror. You can run the 'free' version or pay $30 and get some extra features.

It's simple enough to setup, and does it's job well. However when I was looking at it I wanted to automate tasks on Windows NT servers. The free version does not work with NT's schedule service, so when you log out, no scheduled jobs happen. That's bad. If you want that functionality, you need to buy the full version ($30). Then it will run it's own service and perform tasks without a user being logged in.

Other gripes: the interface and the way it handles windows is a bit weird. Keyboard junkies won't like the fact that this program forces you to use the mouse. And it's uninstall leaves a bit to be desired.

However, the free version might be of good use on a no-security Windows machine for defragging hard disks and the like. According to the docs you can have it automatically dial up lost internet connections and other stuff, but I haven't tried any of that.

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