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Another name for the Wind God Family, a collection of gods and goddesses from ancient Greek mythology, personified by the winds for which they stand.

See also: Family Tree of the Principal Gods of Greek Mythology
The wind rushes over her bare shoulders and his hands brush warmth over her naked flesh.

“I wonder where your dreams come from.”

He muses as she breathes comfort at his touch. Stirring in her sleep to show a smile and a squirm. He smiles and brushes his fingertips lightly over her face.

“I wonder where your dreams lead you.”

He flows his fingers over her body as she turns toward him.

“ I wonder how often you run scared.”

He whispers as she opens her eyes and gazes at his face.

You are safe with me, stop running.”

Her eyes fill with tears as she smiles and pulls him close. She floats words into his ear:

I know.”

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