2019 Apr 9

10 minutes: I don't believe you

"I don't know who to trust anymore."

Rain leaned against the shelf, looking at the carpet. "Maybe no one. I don't suppose I can convince you anyway. You're more wary now. Happens to everyone."

"So you can go your merry way then."

"I'm not planning on leaving," Rain replied. "You don't have to trust me, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up either."

"Well good luck with that. As far as I'm concerned, this conversation is over." She stood up abruptly, snatching her bags, and stormed out.

Rain looked after her until she disappeared from view. Things were going to be different now. The rainbows and unicorns were fading away. Rain straightened herself up and headed to the door. A moment later, she was outside as well.

Clouds were rolling in. Visibility wasn't going to be great tonight. That would make things slightly more difficult, but no matter. It was something she'd been doing for longer than the city existed, nothing she hadn't already seen a thousand times.

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