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(This is part of an experiment in hypertext fiction. See Bridgeborough, New Jersey for more information).

On the inland edge of Bridgeborough, New Jersey's city limits, and nustled in a thick forest of trees and hillside, west of Cohansey River and south of Townsend River is owned by the Winston Brooks Estate: a corporate entity that is owned by a nondisclosed list of individuals who care for and preserve the legacy of Winston Brooks.

The bulk of the property has been set aside as a wildlife reserve and no cost was spared in preserving a home for over fifty different types of animals, including endangered species. The perimeter is surrounded and its confines are protected by a Comprehensive Attendance, Administration and Security System with hidden security cameras and electric eyes as well as a fence with an undetermined energy source as added protection. The security system is reinforced with a crack-team of hired guards and led by a woman known only as Zephyr. It is rumored she is not human, but her appearance usually belays such rumors.

In the 1960s, Winston Brooks first moved to this area after attending college at the University of Califoria at Berkeley. He then finished his graduate studies at Bridgeborough University, and made this wooded property his home. He had a vast mansion erected at the top of a hill, and invested millions of dollars into preserving the area after learning it was previously slotted for decimation by foreign interests. He was seen as the savior of many environmentalists and other local interests trying to preserve the area. Throughout the 1970s, this property had been a champion for endangered life on this planet, being the temporary or permanent home for many creatures that would otherwise have fallen prey to extinction. In the 1980s, Brooks property also served as a temporary headquarters for the short-lived vigilante organization known only as Jumping Jack Limited.

In 1995, Winston Brooks was called abroad with Doctor Brandon Witcher for an urgent situation and never returned. Witcher refused to explain the details of Brooks disappearance to the public, other than to announce that "for all intents and purposes, the best friend I have ever had is now dead." With that, Brooks will was read to a private audience of only those mentioned in the will. These events were kept in great secrecy, and thus was put into play an attempt by the Estate to carry on Brooks' wishes, and give those creatures who lived inside its confines a permanent home. Conditions were also set to allow the public to have access to view these animals, but with utmost concern for the well-being of the wildlife teeming inside the preserve.

It is relatively unchanged in the years since Winston Brooks' disappearance and assumed death. He kept strict rules and contingencies described in his will, and although some details have been in dispute, the vast bulk of his requests have been carried out. The Winston Brooks Memorial Wildlife Preserve is a major spot for tourism for Bridgeborough, New Jersey, and the local government works closely with the Estate to insure the protection of the wildlife as well as care and comfort for the hundreds of thousands of people each year who arrive at Cumberland County Airport and stay in Bridgeborough's many hotels and Bed & Breakfasts for a chance to share in the dream of Winston Brooks.

In 1998, the Brooks Gallery was opened to the public, which contains large prints of the best of Winston Brooks' photography of these creatures, as well as displays of works by other notable photographers and artists throughout the world. Outside this building is a large marble statue in memory of the founding members of Jumping Jack Limited. It depicts larger than life depictions of Harlequin, Ranger and the now deceased Jumping Jack Flash standing around a smiling Winston Brooks. An eternal reminder of what has been, and what might have been.

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