Wired Magazine, is the journal of record for the future. It's daring. Compelling. Innovative. Courageous. Insightful. It speaks not just to high-tech professionals and the business savvy, but also to the forward-looking, the culturally astute, and the simply curious.

So claimed www.wired.com/wired/about/

I wouldn't disagree too much with their claim since I hardly miss Wired issues since Byte have gone away. This 8 years old magazine, averaging about 300 odd pages, half of which are advertisements worth enjoying by itself, captures my attention by its focus of leading edge technology, its application and impact on us human.

All the articles from Wired are available and searcheable online at www.wired.com/wired/archive/. The current issue for example, Issue 8.06, June 2000, is available at www.wired.com/wired/archive/8.06/ by the 13th of the issue month. However, the online archive, is missing the weird typography such as silver on black of the dead tree edition, that is not entirely a bad thing.

Details as of Wired Issue 8.06, June 2000.

  • Editor in Chief Katrina Heron
  • President and CEO Steven T. Florio
  • Publisher Drew Schutte
  • Address Wired, 520 3rd St., 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94107-1815, USA
  • Phone +1 (415) 276 5000
  • Email Editorial editor@wired.com
  • Email Other info@wired.com
  • Web www.wired.com
  • Publication ISSN 1059-1028 of The Conde Nast Publications Inc

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Wired Magazine publishes articles on diverse subjects, including computers, technology, science, modern culture, art, history, and philosophy. Often the tone is vaguely cyberpunkish.

They will publish anything that might appeal to most of their audience, which applies to any magazine, but this one is more varied than most. If you're into computers, cyberpunk, science fiction, and the future you'll probably like it.

The magazine has gone though many changes in the years it has existed. The current layout is easier to read than formerly, but the graphics are still eye popping. The percentage of advertisements that are genuinely fun is higher than I have seen elsewhere.

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