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Wizbang is a ball game played with an imaginary ball. It is very simple to learn and can yeild hours of wholesome fun.

You're still here? Good. So, step one, get you players into a circle. One player starts with the ball and makes a scooping motion across his/her body as if passing the ball to the person next to you. Say "Wiz".

Step two requires thought. Sorry. The person to whom the ball was "Wiz"'ed can either say "Wiz" again as he/she scoops it along to the next person OR he/she can say "Bang!" And hold up their arm like a traffic guard as if he/she were going to bounce the ball back around the circle.

So, to reiterate, you either "Wiz" with the hand that is closest to the "ball" or "Bang!" with the hand that is farther away.

Now, here's where it gets good. When you get the ball, instead of going "Wiz" or "Bang!" you may dribble your imaginary ball in place and then pretend to shoot your imaginary ball at a basket (another player) that other player must hold out their arms to make a basket. That person now has the ball and may "Wiz" it left or right as he/she pleases. The only other allowed move is to pretend that you are a character on Dragonball Z and pretend that the ball is a ball of energy and shoot it at another player, who is appropriately thrown backwards and may then "Wiz" the ball left or right. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Wizbang.

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