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Woody Boyd is the naive young bartender who took over the role "Cheers" when Ernie Pantusso passed on. Woody was played by Woody Harrelson.

Woody Boyd was a naive farm boy from Hanover, Indiana. He was constantly showing his ignorance. Woody would often misunderstand statements such as "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". He would explain why it is better to have them in a birdhouse or such.

Woody also would make the obvious mistake of telling people what he really thought. Often when a lie was told and Woody was ask, he would tell the exact truth. As the season went on he did learn how better to control himself, but his lies would eat away at him.

When Sam Malone sold the bar, Woody became the "Senior bartender" though Sam was always treated as the senior bartender. There was never a power struggle between the two as Sam was Woody's mentor while on the show, teaching him about woman and various parts of Boston.

Woody often talked about his relatives who were in some hideous accidents that taught him lessons. Many times he would mention that he learned it is best not to clean a tool of some sort or the other with his hand from his uncle.

Over his time at "Cheers", Woody evolved from his farm boy role, to acting in community theater. He started as a understudy for the role of Mark Twain in a play called "Authors In Hell". Later on he played the male lead in "Our Town". The whole time he played in community theater. Every time he played a role he was still a naive actor. Woody was a poor excuse for an actor, even when the role is perfect for him (the naive farm boy in "Our Town".

When Kevin McHale, came on the show, Woody told how he disliked the residents of French Lick, Indiana. Woody wouldn't even play basketball with the great Boston Celtics Larry Bird because he comes from French Lick. The whole controversy involved that the people from Hanover, Indiana thought the people from French Lick were a bunch of doofuses. It is mentioned to be a "raging controversy".

Woody dated the naive and rich Kelly Gaines. Kelly was introduced at a party for her father, a corporate executives who owned the bar at one point. Kelly went out with Woody to get back at her boyfriend. Kelly was often naive which worked perfectly with Woody, though they came from different background. Their different backgrounds worked well for the show.

At one point Kelly left for Europe and when she came back, she brought a Frenchman named Henri. Henri could be called France's answer to Sam Malone. Henri often would joke that he was going to steal Kelly away from Woody.

After a couple years of dating, Woody finally ended up marrying Kelly. They had a large marriage but Kelly ended up giving up most of her wealth for her happiness with Woody. Kelly was quite happy with her marriage with Woody.

From cast members appearances on "Frasier", we learned from Sam Malone, that Woody had a child who was quite smart. When Woody appeared on "Frasier" 6 years after the end of Cheers, we did hear that everything was fine with their marriage and their child was happy though a little sick from a ear infection.

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