Norm Peterson

The guy at the end of the bar on the TV show "Cheers". He was the lovable guy that was always there when the people had problems. While not stated and although his was the last name on the title sequence, he is considered the star of the show. Also noticeable is the fact that he was the only character in every episode, and also the person who everyone knows the name of, in reference to the Where Everybody Knows Your Name.

Norm would normally enter the bar, and everyone in the bar would shout "NORM". Then as he walked around the bar to his seat, the bartender would greet him and Norm would respond in a funny and interesting way.

Norm had sat on the same chair for the entire run of the show, he also was almost always out of work, starting out as a working accountant. Then after quiting the firm and he always seemed to have chances but never making it, going from accounting all the way down to painting.

Norm was Sam's friend on "Cheers" because of this he was able to run up bartabs of astronomical proportions. The bar tab was often the subject of many jokes, and a simple mention of it could get Norm do anything to make it a forgot topic. He did however purchase a hundred beers on the centennial birthday of Cheers only because they were five cents a piece.

Norm would always look to get free beer.

  • One time when a small ball sam was throwing went in his beer, he asked if he had to pay. When Sam said "No", Norm said "Ok" and started to drink it anyways.
  • He also once was played a trick on by Woody Boyd. The trick involved a bloody fake finger in his beer. When he reacted disgusted, Rebecca Howe gave him a free beer. Norm thanked Rebecca, then as she left he thanked Woody and took both beers.

In addition Norm was married to Vera, the most we ever saw of Vera was her long legs, she was always teased and made fun of by Norm. Every so often he showed he really loved her, though they had separated at one time, they did reunite after a couple monthes.

He is played by George Wendt. In 2002 John Ratzenberger and George Wendt went before the supreme court to retain control of their two characters, Cliff Clavin and Norm Peterson. In addition both characters along with Carla Tortelli (played by Rhea Perlman) reprised their roles on Frasier at the end of the 2001 season in an episode called "Cheerful Goodbyes".

A almost complete list of normisms that is enjoyable.

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