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A novel by Larry Niven, part of the Known Space series.

World of Ptavvs tells the story of Kzanol, a Thrint, who crashes on Earth two billion years ago. He employed a stasis field before the crash, and thus, inside his space-suit, time did not pass. Humans found him and put him in a museum, thinking he was an ancient mirror-like statue. Later, as they found out what he really was, they disabled the stasis shield and attempted to read his mind with a telepath, Larry Greenberg. A Thrint has very strong telepathic abilities, though, and his mind was therefore duplicated in Greenberg's brain. Both Kzanols escape and head for Venus where they believe their enhancing helmet is. Lucas Garner, an ARM, chases after, to stop them from reaching the helmet and gain control of the Earth through mind-control.

Audited October 6, 2001

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