Wu Bai (Taiwanese "Go Ba" real name: Wu Junlin ) is a Taiwanese musician. He is the antithesis of the normal well-dressed "ouxiang"Chinese pop musician, as he is butt-ugly and has a rather gravelly voice- his mandarin is also notoriously poor (although this is somewhat exaggerated). Also unlike all those creamy-faced pretty boys, he writes his own music (he sings mandarin and taiyu) which is not some poppy dance musak but rather is real rock and roll. His songs cover a lot of the same territory as pop musicians- breaking up, love, friendships and day to day life, but the way he does it is real- unlike the pop singer who is just a good-looking mouthpiece for a record-company songwriter.

He f@*king rocks. I just wish that he would do concerts on the mainland, but he only goes to Taiwan, Hong Kong Singapore and Malaysia usually. He has no English name he is just Wu Bai. His music is available on napster. That's about all I can say about him.

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