Order Xenarthra belongs to the class Mammalia (mammals), subclass Eutheria (placentals). The order was formerly known only as Edentata ("without teeth"), but a new synonym was created since some species actually have molars, albeit single-rooted and lacking an enamel. Both names are used now. The order currently includes: Some of the extinct giant ground sloths were larger than elephants. All animals of this order live on the Americas, the armadillo being the only one that is still alive that has successfully crossed the Central American bridge to North America. The armadillos are spreading further north rapidly. Most Xenarthrans are either insectivores or herbivores, and sizes vary from small to medium. Most have five toes on their forefeet, with two or three long, sharp claws.

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  • The Sloth Underground Website (formerly: The Official SLOTH WebSite) http://www.slothwerks.com/

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