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Yet another Gnutella client, XoloX is made by "XoloX B.V" (sounds like a Dutch company). What can I say about it? The user interface appears to be something made with Internet Explorer 6, and it is quite slow. The FAQ claims that XoloX will re-submit searches to the Gnutella network periodically, but not too frequently. It is adware, and it claims that it will not install any spyware or, in general, unwanted software. Just read carefully the installation dialogs.

It is certainly easy to set up. The website, available at www.xolox.nl has the usual information, plus a fine piece of writing that I will cut and paste for your amusement:

XoloX (pronounced "Zo-lox") is dedicated to bringing cultural diversity to the world through the free expression of ideas, the emancipation of information, the discovery of arts and sciences and the unfettered communications between humankind. XoloX is a hassle-free client and contains user-controlled parental filters.

I can see in my mind diverse people from diverse countries sharing diverse information... farmers from Iowa communing with Sahel blacksmiths, merchants from Afghanistan trading pictures of their families with poetry from Maori day traders... overwhelming goodness flooding mankind through the unfettered emancipated power of Internet P2P hassle-free software. Maybe. Or maybe just the normal geeks trading pr0n.

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