A very agreeable person. A Yes Man is a person who always agrees with a person further up in the power hierarchy then them. A person who tells people what they want to hear. Usually seen as weak willed people who agrees with their superior out of fear of retribution for disagreement. While logically yes men are not seen as good to have around, obviously you want advisors who are going to give you a thoughtful response and try to give you the best advice they can. But we are human and not always logical creatures. Sometime we only want to have our opinions confirmed by somebody else, even if it isn't the best thing, and we can sometimes become quite irate when given opposing opinions.

Yes Man is also the name of a book by Danny Wallace, in which he realises his life has become boring, that he isn't really living anymore when a man on the bus tells him to "say yes more". This causes a change in Danny's attitudes, where he decided from then on to accept any invitation or suggestion for the rest of the year.

The book is exceedingly well written, and the principle of saying yes to things more has taken off to varying degrees in everyone I know who has read it. This can be deciding to go out when you could happily sit at home to telephoning your phone neighbour and arranging to meet him.

In the book Danny has many amazing adventures, simply from saying yes to the most mundane of things, such as taking hallucinogen in an Amsterdam leather bar and getting a drawing of him with his invisble talking dog (reproduced in the book) after saying yes to a piece of SPAM, winning £25,000 on a scratch card, poking a buddhist monk on Richard and Judy (national TV) to losing £25,000 on the tube.

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