What is this enigmatic assurance of yossarian's? That even those who don't know him will be able to find him, for sure, in Central Park, of all places? I'd envisioned a CowboyNeal-style penguin hat, standing out above the crowd, drawing eyes. But it was a sign instead.


I was late: plans had shifted back and forth for a while, and then i'd taken the 2 instead of the B, or maybe the other way around.. B, 2, what's the difference? letters/numbers, blocks?

I found my way, hoping i'd see them first and be able to sneak up


but instead, they saw me coming down the stairs, and yoss waved, and they watched me as i made my way across the interminable space inbetween: the space of sudden embodiment. Who was whom? Wha hey? Stop watching me!

I picked up Novalis and SophiesCat from Penn Station and we took the C to 72nd Street, Central Park West. I must admit, I had my doubts that finding him would be "no problem." Central Park is a relatively large chunk of land.

We first went to the Mall and went up the stairs to the Summerstage. I remembered from the map that Bethesda Terrace was veryveryvery close, so we went around. A road and some trees met us. I called up yossarian (thank the wonder of wireless) and he told us there was a fountain and a beautiful stone bridge near him. We couldn't see one in sight, so we decided to do some exploring. To cut the story short, we pretty much travelled in the opposite direction. Had we continued walking through the mall, we would have hit Bethesda Terrace. After a few more calls and a lot more walking, we finally found it.

We came from behind, but the sign was unmistakable, as promised.

ideath, yossarian told us he spotted you as you were coming down the stairs. Of course, I had not seen you before, so i was pretty much cluelessly looking at everybody in your general direction. It took me a little while to realize which one was you. And why were you watching us? =)

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