"And that was Bruce Springsteen's live, rockin' rendition of Santa Claus is Comin To Town. You're listening to WKRK, 105.2, The Rock of Broadway City. I'm Sal and it is now 8:02 on a freezing but clear Christmas Eve. We're playing your favorite rockin' Christmas tunes and taking your phone calls here. The number is, as always, 314-555-5505.

"You know, some people ask me sometimes why I do this each and every year, work on Christmas Eve, because, you know, I've been doing this a long time and usually DJs with my tenure get an intern to do the shift or play a 'Best of.' Well first of all I've always hated the idea of doing a "Best Of Sal in the Evening" show; it's been proposed to me many times. I know that I hate best of shows and I figure a lot of you do, too. But, really, the thing is, a lot of people tell me 'Sal, why don't you go do what you want on Christmas Eve, don't work' but this is what I want to be doing on December 24th. I even worked last year, even after my family's tragedy. I wouldn't have it any other way. It's quiet here, peaceful, nobody else here but a janitor and my call screener. I like playing rocking holiday tunes, nobody else around here does it, I mean, play purely rock and roll Christmas songs. And of course, for those of you just joining me, I am, and love, taking your calls. It's an opportunity for you to wish your friends, family, or sometimes even me, good holiday tidings and I also love hearing your Christmas stories, some of them hilarious, some of them tear jerkers. But no matter what, they're almost always entertaining.

"OK, then, let's see....let's go to line two. Hello, Christine, you're on Sal in the Evening, our annual 'Christmas with Sal' show. What's your Christmas greeting or story?"

"Hello Sal, I love your show..."

"Thank you, ma'am--"

"I just wanted to wish my brother a very Merry Christmas. He's in the Marines -- Force Recon -- and he's stationed over there in Iraq. I think he listens to your show online over there, he's been a fan of yours for years."

"What's your brother's name?"

"His name is Scott..."

"Well, Scott, if you're listening, your sister Christine, and me as well, wish you a very merry and safe Christmas. It must be tough to be stuck over there on Christmas. And I would like to thank you all that you've done for us, you and all of our armed forces."

"I miss you Scott! And we're all very proud of you!"

"As. are. we. all. OK, thank you Christine. Let's go over to Jack, calling from down in Scooterville. Hey Jack you're on 105.2 WKRK, The Rock of Broadway City, what's your holiday message?"

"Sal, you totally ROCK, dude! First time caller, but been listenin' to you for ten years, man!"

"Why, thank you very much, m'man--"

"Listen, I just wanna wish my mom a Merry Christmas and I wish I could be with her!"

"Well, where is your wayward mother, Jack?"

"Oh she's in the Jackson County Corrections Center..."

"Oh, I, uh, see. Jailbird mom, eh? Well I don't get too many of those. How did she end up there, if I may ask?"

"Well, they, uh...well you see...she was workin at the Grab N' Go, and she, like, well she got caught, uh, takin a little too much off of the till."

"Ah. Heh, brings a whole new meaning to grab and go, doesn't it, Jack?"

"Heh, yeah, so, like, Merry Christmas to y'all. YOU RULE, DUDE!"

"And thanks very much, you, too, Jack. That was certainly an interesting call. OK, let's go to, let's see....line three. Don, you're on WKRK, Christmas with Sal."

"Hey Sal. I just...I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I know that it must be hard, y'know, on Christmases now with you and your family ever since last December."

"Well...thanks very much, Don, I, uh, that means a lot to me -- hey, you know, you--"

"I just wanted you to know that your son loves you very much and I'm sure he wishes you could be with him..."

"Don, you...you sound...your voice, you sound just like Dan, my son. I mean, just like him, I'd swear I was talking to him..."

"...and he wishes he had taken your advice, you know, never drank too much then got behind the wheel. You were a good father, daddio."

"Daddio?! Don...Don, that's...that's what my son used to call me! I've never...I don't think I've ever mentioned that on air. I...Who is this??"

"A big fan of your show, daddio. Always have been. Peace. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

"No, wait, D-D-Don, lemme...Don? Dan? Don?"


"It...appears that Da -- err, Don is gone. Uhh. That was...funky. I'd swear that..."


"OK, um, listen, gimme a few minutes to collect myself, we'll go to a break. Um. Yeah. God, that was...that was weird ladies and gentlemen. Probably just...somebody pulling my leg or something. When we come back...more of your phone calls and I am Santa Claus by Bob Rivers is on the way as well as...uh, The Waitresses. It is fifteen after the hour on, uh, W...WKRK 105.2 The Rock of Broadway City...we...we'll be back..."

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