A television programme aired on ITV on Saturday or Sunday evenings. The British equivalent of America's Funniest Home Videos, it started some time in the early 1990's, when camcorders (crap ones, with amazingly poor picture quality and on-screen timestamps) were the hot new consumer item. The idea of the programme is to broadcast painful looking mishaps captured on home videos, to a track of witless commentary, canned laughter and 'zany' sound effects.

For many years the show was presented by mutant Jeremy Beadle, until he eventually quit and was replaced with a big fat 'jolly' woman called Lisa Riley (from the soap opera Emmerdale, I think). Offers a £500 pound prize for any clip that they show. It is unlikely that this prize has much of an impact on their budget as the show, like It'll Be Alright On The Night, is able to repeat the same pool of clips almost indefinitely.

Adam and Joe once did a Star Wars-themed parody of the show in a skit called Chew've Been Framed.

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