A popular primetime show that aired in the early 90's, featuring home movies sent in by viewers who had a chance to win up to $10,000. Hosted by tv sitcom's favorite father figure, Bob Saget. A small example of videos aired on America's Funniest include "Lady stuck in dishwasher", "Nads kicked sky-high by horse", and "Fecal-matter baby". Many individuals would claim that such is a symptom of all that is sick, twisted, and wrong with society, but they obviously have forgotten about America's Funniest People.

The videos on Funniest Home Videos are made up of shaky footage, questionable framing and dodgy audio.

The recurring events which are deemed to be the "funniest" every season are:

Ah, Funniest Home Videos. Do you ever fail to be side-splittingly, rib-breakingly hilarious?

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