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Endotoxin is defined as a poison that attacks from inside the body. An excellent example of this is the conversion of Alcohol-10 into Alcohol-14 by way of liver. More info on this subject later.

I am Dave; a collection of fatty acid chains of the species Homo Sapien. I am also known by other names, but Endotoxin is my handle of choice at the moment. This may change later on.

I am employed by Client Logic, in the <GAG> Earthlink queue. I play with computers. I juggle. Some people may refer to me as a furvert, but let's not talk about that, shall we? =)

Often, I can be found drinking coffee. at the Dennys on Central south of UNM in Alburquerque. Feel free to drop by sometime.

There are other ways of getting in contact with me. More often than not, I can be found on ICQ, UID#40918590. Current email address of choice is dtaggart@tvi.cc.nm.us and I've also been known to hang out on the Undernet IRC in channels such as #sluggy, #SpeakEasy, and #perl_win32 under the Handle ^qwerty^.

Lastly, you can see my current work in progress at http://w3.tvi.cc.nm.us/~dtaggart/