Tawny (nee Julie) Kitaen is a former actress and Whitesnake video star who made headlines in the spring of 2002 when she was charged with spousal abuse for allegedly attacking then-husband Chuck Finley, a baseball pitcher with the Cleveland Indians.

Phase 1: The 1980s

Kitaen made a name for herself in 1984 with the movie Bachelor Party, in which she landed the co-starring role with Tom Hanks. The movie was a breakthrough hit, but it would be the pinnacle of her acting career. Her other movies — i.e. Witchboard, Corazon de cristal, Instant Justice — were quickly forgotten.

However, Kitaen kept herself busy by immersing herself in the Los Angeles rock n' roll scene. Soon after the success of Bachelor Party, she dated Ratt guitar player Robbin Crosby and landed on the cover of their Out Of The Cellar album. Later, she dated Whitesnake lead singer David Coverdale and starred in four of the band's videos: Still Of The Night, Here I Go Again, Is This Love? and The Deeper The Love.

In an interview, Cloverdale once said of Tawny: "She's my whore and my inspiration."

The couple was married in 1989. They were divorced two years later.

Phase 2: The 1990s

In hopes of re-starting her career, Kitaen landed a job as the co-host of ABC's America's Funniest People in 1990. The show lasted for two seasons — not bad for the television business — but Kitaen was unable to land any other gigs other than a role on The New WKRP in Cincinnati and a recurring role as Deianeira on the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys television series.

Then, in the early 1990s, she met Finley, who was then a pitcher for the Anaheim Angels. The two settled down in Orange County, had a child (Merin Finley, born 1993), were married in 1997 and had a second child (Raine Finley, 1998).

But Kitaen was not out of the news for good.

Phase 3: The 2000s

It allegedly happened on April Fool's Day, 2002.

As the couple was returning from dinner to their home in Newport Beach, Kitaen allegedly attacked Finley while he was driving — twisting his ear, striking him in the leg and arm with her high heel and using the heel to pin Finley's foot down on the gas pedal. The couple contiued arguing when they (safely) got home, and a neighbor called the police. Upon arriving, the officers found evidence of a domestic altercation.

Three days later, Finley filed for divorce, a restraining order and custody of their two daughters. (He was soon heckled by fans during baseball games.) Kitaen was also charged with spousal abuse and was booked by officers. Her mug shot quickly appeared on thesmokinggun.com, and she soon entered drug rehab.

On April 30, Kitaen pled innocent to the spousal abuse charges. The next day, she filed a declaration in the divorce case that Finley smokes marijuana, keeps an unregistered shotgun in the closet, likes to get into fights at bars, takes steroids and is from an uneducated family in the Deep South that drinks heavily and often uses the "N-word."


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