We were running through the grass and gasping laughter, you spun around wild child you were everything to me right then

(and did you know it? did you!)

You were spinning with the stars and the world slip sliding falling down I was falling at your feet, looking up the world is spinning...too much to drink? Perhaps.

"Get up, silly, we have to get you home."

Home? I was looking up into the dark blue everything and the stars were winking at me, spinning spinning almost out of control. You were towering over me, a mountain and I a speck of sand. "Fee fie fo fum..."

"What? What on earth are you mumbling about?"

Smirking to myself, amused. I sat up a little to bridge the gap between us. Oh, but you were handsome! You raised an eyebrow at me, smirking a little yourself. "You're drunk."

"What! Me? ME?" I tried to sit up a little more, elbows slipped in the evening dew on the grass. Kathump! Back down again, giggling a little. I assumed a serious look. "I am not drunk."

You laughed a little at that. "This is not how I expected this evening to end." Your smile was dazzling through my foggy eyes. Ok, maybe a little too much to drink after all. But hard to discern. You always managed to have that effect on me, regardless of what was going on. Hmm. Dangerous.

Playing the coquette. What was I doing? I was a fool. "Oh? How did you expect it to end?" I stared up at your immense frame, eclipsing the sky and the stars peeking from behind your shoulders, you were miles above me, you were spinning , the world was spinning. One look in your eyes and the world suddenly stood still.

"Take my hand and I will show you." I took your hand across the miles, and there was no more world, no more stars. There was only you.

thank you.

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