it used to be that we would walk for hours along a path we'd invented inside our own heads. i'd find you half-way - stare, and fingertips would meet. melt.

walking alone a long time it is easy to forget there is anyone else. it is easier to believe that every person that you see is simply another oblivious monster in the forest. there are monkeys, though, they've great telescoping eyes and no one is really invisible, then. not really.

i'd always wanted a big love and everyone always talks about a big love, it's all you need. assume most of our lives that it is the emptiness, the missing piece. i think it is filler. should never have caged ourselves like this, all trapped in high rise farms. mass producing human life for public consumption and the hilarious consequences of over population. the world really does seem smaller every day, doesn't it?

i will tell you who is better than you enough times and you will start to wonder. i will tell you what to think and how to feel over and over with giant billboards and neon and someday you'll forget you ever had the ability to be your own person. i will tell you right from wrong and i will tell you what can hurt you and what will save you. you will fold. you are uniform. you are a small part of a greater puzzle. you are nothing.

you are only as free, as safe, as loved, as anything as you believe you are - no one can tell you who to die for.

we're given too much, maybe, too many possibilities and too many choices. spent all this time waiting for an overwhelming sense of something more only to realize you've got to create your own.

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