A quote from one of the more embarrassing occasions in my life. Sort of, anyway.

I was attending an academic conference, and during one of the attendant soirées, I fell to drinking cocktails with one of the speakers, a gentleman of vast intellect and humour, about twenty-five years my senior. Halfway through, he introduced me to his wife, who was about his own age, and excused himself to fetch her another drink. I found myself talking to this witty and attractive woman, herself a doctor - one of the most stunningly sexy women I'd ever met. Though, to be perfectly frank, I don't usually feel attracted to much older women.

Midway through our chat, the inevitable happened. I'm not the type to blush and fidget, but she must have had an intuition. She glanced down at my happily-if-embarrassingly bulging pants, and murmured: "Young man....I'm flattered." in a dry, witty voice. Not the sort of voice calculated to make a man cringe - more a sympathetic, poor-dear tone of voice.

What could I do? I looked her in the eye, smiled wryly, and said, "I'm embarrassed, but sincere." She laughed, changed the subject, and we went on to talk of other matters until her husband returned.

What a woman.

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