Your Heart's a Door

I know you're there,
I heard you weeping.
And I'm out here
Like a guard caught sleeping.

So once I rapped
Then twice I knocked.
I tried the handle,
But it was locked.

I rapped again,
"Are you okay?"
Your muffled reply:
"Just go away."

Your sweet, soft voice,
as though through foam,
Went on to say,
"There's no one home."

After knocking more
I heard you say,
"Please leave my door
And just go away!"

"I can't," I said,
"I heard you cry.
"I love you, so
"Please tell me why."

"Very well," you said.
"Come right on in,
"If you think
"You've got the skin."

I tried the handle
Just once more.
But I couldn't budge.
That fucking door!

"The door is locked.
"Is there a key?"
"There is," you said.
"It's here, with me."

In confusion and haste
I knock some more.
"Are you there?
Mon petit j'adore?"

"Come in, stay out!"
You scream at me.
"Enrich my life!
"No! Leave me be!"

I hang my head
And walk away.
For within that door
There's two at play.

And when my steps
Are far, long gone.
You poke your head out
And see me yon.

"Come back!" you shout.
"I'm not through yet!"
"But I am," I say.
"I'm not a pet."

Then, once again,
You close that door.
But this time, love,
It's to cry some more.

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