Your tears make me smile because now you know my pain. It's an evil, malicious thing that I'm happy because you're crying. But this is the first time I've felt like I've extracted revenge, and oddly enough, I did nothing to instigate this situation. My crumbling morals feel no guilt, because I did not make you cry. He did.

I recall the night when he left me. He was the man of my dreams, my first love. I never imagined him leaving me. I spent a year living together with him.

The very first person I turned to for support was you. My whole world had been turned upside down and you were my closest friend. We were both young, motivated, and confident of our directions in life when we met. This harsh night when he left me, I called you. But you were somewhere with another friend getting high. You know I wouldn't hold this against you, but when I told you that he had just broke up with me, you didn't seem to care. Your false sympathy was gossamer-thin.

I wept bitterly in loss over him for days. I imagined that it was all a dream and he was still with me. Finally, as a few weeks passed, I slowly began healing.

And then, sooner rather than later, you came back into the picture. He was free, and you took him.

Instantly, you transformed from a close friend to my enemy. You had just become involved in a relationship with the one person who had ever meant anything to me. My feelings and emotions were twisted inside and out. I felt utterly betrayed by you, my friend. My recent parting from him made him irresistible to you. I knew you cared about him, but I thought you cared about me as well. I was wrong.

As weeks turned into months, your relationship with him grew and, possibly, even became as significant to you as the time I spent with him was to me. But somehow, the dirty bastard kept me hanging on to him, caring about him, even though I felt like a used rag, discarded for the new white cloth.

Eventually, I told you off as a friend. I told you that friends don't do what you did. You flirted, you initiated, even while I was still dating him! Little did I know, soon afterwards, it would all come crashing down.

And then, he left you. And I'm sure you felt the loss. Your innocence is gone, just like mine. And all to the same person. Was it worth the experience? Or will the pain ever be worth the short months of calling someone your "significant other?" I bet your tears flowed as freely as mine, when he said he wasn't sure of the direction his life was taking. You finally understand. The only reason I have to smile is because our struggles in life have aligned again. You now have the knowledge from the fruit of the tree. The heartache you will endure over the next months is something that I've felt, but I'm glad I don't have to withstand again.

Your tears are a memory of my tears, but I feel justified knowing that in the end, even the betrayer suffers.

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