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Yudit is a text editor for X Windowing System, by Gaspar Sinai.

While Yudit is not, in my opinion, the greatest general-purpose text editor ever made, it does best the thing that it's being advertised for: Unicode and UTF-8.

Assuming you have the correct fonts (TrueType is supported), Yudit allows you to edit many, many different scripts using transliteration. For example, choose "RU-Translit", and type in "Nevozmost'", and it shows "Невозмость". (I wrote that in Yudit, then saved it to file, and used "recode -p utf-8..html4 < nevos.txt" to translate it to HTML entities. Nifty, huh?) Different keyboard mappings can be set to function keys, so changing between several character scripts is very, very easy.

While I'm waiting for full Unicode/UTF-8 support from XEmacs/MULE, Yudit is a nice thing.

Home page: http://www.yudit.org/ - also available as a Debian package.

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