The female lead in the Anime series Martian Successor Nadesico

Daughter of an Admiral in the United Earth Forces, Yurika is cute, ditzy, and a tactical genius ( well, never defeated in the combat simulations at least ). Because of her skills ( and perhaps a little help from daddy ), she becomes the captain of the battleship Nadescio. To Yurika's surprise (but not the audience's), the love of her life Akido Tenkawa, haphazardly joins the crew of the Nadescio.

Yeah yeah, we have seen this character concept before, but. . .

It becomes apparent as the series progress, there is more depth to her character then your ordinary purple haired giant battleship captain. It seems Yurika is portrayed in a stereotypical light to poke fun at the many anime archetypes: how she handles relationships, foolish demeanor hiding a sharp intelligence, being so damn goody two-shoes. More then just a guy crazed, fluff-head ( ok ok, not much more ), Yurika sometimes response to complex social situation beyond just crying, giggling, or firing the main cannon. Then again, I do tend to read into things a bit.

If nothing else, awkward oogling at Akido is what Yurika does best. Following the theories layed down by the series Tenchi Muyo, humour is harvested from the incessant advances of Yurika and the rest of the female crew against poor Akido.

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