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Zaknafein Do'Urden is a character in the Dark Elf Trilogy. I believe he appears only in the first two books of the trilogy (Homeland and Exile respectively), but is mentioned in many others if not all. He is Drizzt's father and mentor. He was one of The most skillfull Weapon Master or the most skillful one in Menzoberranzan. He also uses two scimitars as Drizzt does and was the one who basically taught Drizzt that Drow values were wrong.

Unfortunately, he was killed, well sacrificed to the Spider Queen, Lloth, because Drizzt had fled House Do'Urden which Matron Malice wasn't too pleased of. Later on in the Dark Elf trilogy, he is revived by Matron Malice in the form of a zombie to capture Drizzt, but Matron Malice was unsuccessful as Zaknafein had somehow gained back his consciousness and jumped into a pit of acid.

Besides having Drizzt as a son, Briza was also Zaknafein's daughter whom Drizzt sympathized much with, because of this blood link.

1. Thanks to wharfinger for pointing out my brainless typing of this node. I don't think anybody would've known who Zak was without reading the Drizzt books.

2. Thanks to Tiefling in pointing out that Matron is Matron and not Matrone. This is due to my original reading of the Dark Elf trilogy in French.

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