Zebra Cakes : another product from the Fattening-You-Up-Like-A-Calf department of Little Debbie Snack Cakes. These little sugary bombs of joy are actually less decadent than, say, Swiss Cake Rolls; white cake covered in white icing, with a slim layer of white filling inside. Wavy fudge stripes on top give them the zebra look. A bit dry, not as sweet or as rich as some snack cakes.

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Oddly enough, the original name for Zebra Cakes was ... merely Snack Cakes. I'm unaware of any other example of recursive naming of food products. The name stuck for years, until the Chocolate Snack Cakes had been out for a while. Presumably too many hapless grocers had been confused as they went down the checklist, trying to figure out which snack cake was a "Snack Cake." The "Zebra Cakes" name has the air of either faint desperation or a choice by a marketing exec who Just Didn't Care.

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