Attribute applicable to most citizens of todays western countries. Consequence of having excess of everything and not being exposed to challenges. Usually, this phenomenon appears after a long time of successful existence of a society and precedes a period of decline. Happened with the Roman Empire about two millennia ago.

De*ca"dent (?), a.

Decaying; deteriorating.


© Webster 1913.

De*ca"dent (?), n.

One that is decadent, or deteriorating; esp., one characterized by, or exhibiting, the qualities of those who are degenerating to a lower type; -- specif. applied to a certain school of modern French writers.

The decadents and æsthetes, and certain types of realists. C. L. Dana.

The business men of a great State allow their State to be represented in Congress by "decadents". The Century.


© Webster 1913.

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