" A magnificent cousin to the Zen Alarm Clock, the Affirmation Clock is a digital recording alarm clock that gradually lulls you to sleep and wakes you with your own personal affirmation, that you record yourself. Your Affirmations are positive statements about yourself that are a proven way to increase the quality of your life.

Here's how it works. Before going to bed, record your affirmation by speaking into the clock. Then, as you fall asleep, the Affirmation Clock repeats your message once a minute, for 10 minutes, at a gradually decreasing volume. In the morning, when the alarm is triggered, the same affirmation is repeated once a minute for 10 minutes at a gradually increasing volume. Upon awakening, when the 10 minute affirmation process is completed, the clock sounds a beautiful pre-recorded Tibetan bell continuously until you turn off the alarm. It is Truly Beautiful."

That is truly frightening.

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