The Zocchihedron is one of the most amazing dice known to mankind. It is spherical in shape with 100 tiny circle "sides". It's hollow, and must have some ball bearing type things inside that give it some weight allowing it to slow down and eventually come to a stop when you roll it.

The Zocchihedron can replace the percentage dice in ADnD and other RPG games. However, most sane GMs have discovered the players' propensity to pick it up and toss it in the air repeatedly causing other players and possibly the GM to go stark-raving mad. As such, many folks buy a Zocchihedron because it's intensely cool to have a die with 100 sides on it, then hide it to make sure no one tosses it in the air repeatedly in a highly irksome fashion.

Like many other non-standard dice types, the Zocchihedron comes with a booklet of 300 or so uses for it.

The Zocchihedron doubles as a $6.00 cat toy.

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