Character in Sluggy Freelance. She is a Communications major and was an intern call screener for the Dr. Lorna show. She lives next door to Torg and shares her appartment with her friend Gwynn. Her role in most of the stories is the unfortunate friend who got dragged along against her wishes and protests. During her first appearance she had her car die, had her wrist sprained by Torg, got beaten up by Bun-Bun trampled by a group of people playing Bikini Suicide Frisbee twice, and got attaked by Bun-Bun again.

Last weekend I was strolling,
through the Indian Summer's garden,
when I chanced upon a singular rose.

It had bloomed from a thorn patch,
which had been barren for so long
as memory would so care to serve.

I walked over to admire it,
perchance to take a whiff of its sweet perfume,
and decided to try to take it as my own.

But as I snapped its fragile stem,
all its petals fell away, gone away, swept away by the wind,
and I knew in my heart I had destroyed something

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