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Bif Naked is an exceptional artist - she does a little bit of everything. For those of you into cubbyholes, you could call her punk or maybe ska, depending on what song you listen to. I wouldn't. Her songs explore deep personal territory: some are heartwrenchingly sad (eg. Tell On You) while others drip with sensuality (Sophia, My Bike). She has a great voice, and the handwritten liner notes in her albums are delightful.

Sidebar: Bif Naked has appeared on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", playing at a house party at Buffy's university. Obviously, I've been going to the wrong kinds of parties!

Her self-titled debut album was released by Aquarius Records in 1996.

Track List:
Everything (heh!)
Make Like a Tree
Daddy's Getting Married
Tell On You
Never Alone
Over You
My Whole Life
The Letter
My Bike
The Gross, Gross Man

(see also I, Bificus)

Bif Naked rules! Canadian rock artists rule generally, and female artists such as Jane Siberry and Shania Twain (you didn't know, America?) rule in particular, but Bif Naked is the Queen o' Canadian indie rock.

Bif Naked, the tattooed darling of the Canadian club scene, was born in India to an (apparently) anonymous teen mother, a Western tourist. She was adopted by American missionaries and returned to the US to live what was intended to be a righteous life. Regrettably (Winnipeggers may downvote me, but it's true), she moved with her family to Winnipeg, Manitoba when she was thirteen, where she discovered malls and skateboards, and where she began her descent into rock 'n' roll hell. She released her first CD, "5 Songs and a Poem" in 1995, followed by a self-titled CD in 1996. In 1997, she broke with tradition in releasing a spoken word album, "Okenspay Ordway," which, depite its disclaimers to the effect that "THIS IS A SPOKEN ALBUM," many people still bought expecting to get tunes (okay, I did). "I, Bificus" (1999) produced several successful singles, among them "Lucky," which appeared later as a cut on the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" soundtrack CD. "Purge," released in 2001, is without doubt her best album to date, featuring such remarkable singles as "Tango," "Dancing Shoes," and "You are the Master." Her songs range from raging banshee to just let me cry with you, and and not a single track is not worth a hum-along. Her most recent release, entitled "Esentially Naked,"is a compilation of previously-released material.

Her recording company site => www.herroyalmajestysrecords.com
Her fan site => www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/ormonde/225/bif.html

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