Zoolander is a film of the same caliber as Dude, Where's My Car? or Office Space - a movie that's rather stupid but fun to watch. There are some things in this movie that make it stand out. One is the huge number of stars in the movie - like the conversation Zoolander has with Winona Rider, who's acting more like some dim witted hanger-on, or how Donald Trump is very prominent during the VH1 Fashion Awards.

Then there's Mugatu. This guy is a mess. His fashion sense is bizzare - the Derelicte line, which includes trashbag-tie-ties and cardboard dresses, all inspired by the homeless and dirty people of the street, is kind of creepy. But he must be a popular designer, getting a large headquarters behind the Plaza Hotel (oddly, it's owned by Trump) with a giant 'M' at the top. Mugatu's obsession with his dog is also a bit odd - he even brainwashes Zoolander to obey the poodle.

If anything, it's the little things in this movie that stick out. Besides Mugatu and the celebrity thing, there's also how much of the action occurs across the bay from Manhattan in Brooklyn. I only know this because you can see the Manhattan in every outside shot - the cemetery, and the pier with the "Very Exclusive Daiye Spa". And every time, oddly, the Prudential building, where Matilda works at Time Magazine, is plainly in view. I've also noticed that although the fashion models are very dumb, they have a knack for knowing everyone's name. Zoolander seems to know everyone around him.

This is a strange film, but very funny, and I love it. I've watched the DVD at least a dozen times in a few days after I bought it. And the DVD is something else too. The menus are very original (competing with Fight Club's DVD menu's for best design) - including Derek's own guide to how to use the menus.

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