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A nickname given by MOSP attendees to absurdly difficult geometry problems given to us by Zuming Feng, one of the people who train our great nation's IMO team.

These problems typically consist of a mix among old IMO problems, historically unsolved geometry problems, and infernally difficult problems created by Zuming himself. They are the bane of geometry-haters everywhere.

An example of an "easy" problem follows:
Let ABC be a triangle. Suppose that the circle through C tangent to AB at A and the circle through B tangent to AC at A have different radii, and let D be their second intersection. Let E be the point on the ray AB such that AB = BE. Let F be the second intersection of the ray CA with the circle through A, D, E. Prove that AF = AC.
Nope, we didn't get a diagram either.

Problems like there are why geometry is evil.

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