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Use only if inner foil seal printed "Sealed for your protection" is not broken or missing.

INDICATIONS: For the temporary relief of all forms of self-centered thought brought on by a closed mind, cynicism, isolation, ignorance, and many other mindsets conducive to egomania.

DIRECTIONS: Adults and children 12 years of age and over: Twice a week, put on a comfortable outfit and go outside for a walk. Pause to look at the miniscule things which escape your daily observance. Skip. Smile and wave at your neighbors, even if you know they despise you for not mowing your lawn as often as you should. Run to a field and frolic amongst nature. Find a playground and go for a swing. When you are done with this little exercise, drive yourself downtown, to the old-folks home, to an orphanage. Put yourself in their place. Now think about all that you have...all this lovely world. Spread the joy you now posses wherever you go. Go outside at night and look at the stars. Feel how small you are, yet realize that without you the universe would not be the same. Children under 12 years of age: Follow first part of adult instructions. Read, to yourself and to others. Question. Don't get sucked into the vortex of self-pity. Use your time wisely--this not only applies to doing useful things for yourself, but also to doing meaningful things for others.

WARNINGS: Do not take more than is advised. You can overdose on perspective--try to find a balance between feeling others pain and realizing your luck. Leave out the skipping, frolicing, and swinging parts if you are pregnant or severely out of shape.
Always keep this within the reach of children!

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