This node is a response to the comment of Deborah909 at the After Auschwitz node that she believes in such a god

I don't.

But if I should ever come across such a being, one that can take any measure of responsibility for the events of human history, such a notional being is not worthy of love and worship. Such a being is beneath contempt.

But there is no god. Do you hear me, imaginary monster? I have a bone to pick with you. All the atrocities of time would be laid at your doorstep, did you exist.

This is, in essence, not about if I or anyone else believes in God or not, this is about me judging any possible or notional "personal God who intervenes in human history" and finding them severely below-grade, to say the least.

Further reading: A later node on the same subject is at Dear God: how about that whole holocaust thing? Though we talk about the holocaust a lot, it is but one of the many crimes of history.

I admit that I didn't lose faith completely until the crap stuff happened to me personally. However I don't see why you should make that same mistake.

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