It's not like they're stepping up security in NYC for the tenth anniversary

Does anyone else think this could be a great distraction
to take our minds (everyone on the Earth) off other stuff
that's going on?

"NASA has warned members of the public not to touch
any pieces of the spacecraft which may survive the re-entry,
urging them to contact local law enforcement authorities."

In the small town where I live, the police blotter reads
like a Saturday Night Live skit:
police arrived at the intersection to investigate a report
of runaway black sheep, but couldn't find them.

Sometime last year when Venus and the moon were doing something
my kids wanted to watch, we stationed ourselves near a
playground/baseball field, and waited.

A local law enforcement authority drove up,
SWAT style, jumped out of the car, shone his flashlight,
CSI-like (it's in the grasp of the handle and the awkward tilt),
then asked what we were doing.

I calmly told him, "We're waiting for an astronomical event."

So back to the six hour window, I like to think of it
in real physical terms:
this wood and glass object will materialize
out of nothing
then explode or just fade away.

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